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Clean air is what we try to achieve

The development, the production and the sales of the most advanced air cleaningsystems, is the stimulance for Progenion. This is because you deserve clean air for breathing. In every situation, the main goal for Progenion will be creating a comfortable and healthy atmosphere. We hope to achieve this goal by selling products of a very high standard. An atmosphere where people breathe healthy, clean air and where your well-being will be improved. The company was founded in 2008 by Ronny Doornbos and Gerard Scholten.
They are assisted in their work by the following persons:

Progenion people

Evelien Dubbelink (administration and sales)
Jeroen van Lanen ( marketing en communication )
Tom Nijland ( emballage employee )
Michiel van Hulst (emballage employee )
Max Schwering (marketing en communication)

Your health and well-being are our priority

Progenion's goal is contributing to your health and well-being with modern air-cleaning technology, as Ronny Doornbos explains: ''Considering this goal, we are focussing all the time on innovation and approving our machines and applied systems. For creating this goal, we travel all around the globe. Progenion is an abroad orientated venture; production and sales are situated in various countries in Europa and the far East countries.

Our mission

“Clean, healthy air. Always and everywhere. That's our goal!”

Showroom Progenion Nederland

Taking the lead in techniques and services

Being a specialist in the area of ionization, Progenion comes up with continuously new systems and possibilities. In these systems are ionization- and UV-techniques important components. When it comes to air cleaning products, our venture is not only distinguishing with delivering high standard products; we are also a confidental organisation with quick delivery, good service and skilled advice. That is characteristic for our organisation.


Consumers and business related

Thanks to our big assortment, Progenion is a leading player for consumers and the business companies.
Thanks to confidence and unique functionality of our products, our products can be used in lots of situations. We are talking here about living room, offices and other surrounding areas. We also pay intensive attention to personal and professional advice before we sell our products. Especially in professional surroundings it's important to achieve an air that is as clean and pure as possible.

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