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Aromatic oil Rosemary

Rosemary fragrance

Odor Rosemary
Aromatic oil
volume 30 ml
Suitable for aroma evaporators
Suitable for humidifiers
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Rosemary, refreshing properties!

Rosemary is a woody, aromatic, evergreen, winter-hardy shrub which blooms from March to May (small blue-white flowers). The oil is distilled from its fresh flowers and has a strong camphor-like fragrance.


The Latin name Rosmannus comes from ros (dew) and mannus (from the sea).
In ancient times rosemary was already known as holy plant with magical powers. According to the Greek the plant had a beneficial effect on memory and brains. It was symbol of memory, loyalty and friendship for birth, marriage and death. In the Middle Ages the plant was also found in more northern areas. It also led to all kinds of national customs: rosemary branches were broken during christenings, marriages and funerals and people burned rosemary in hospitals because of its disinfecting effect.

Use and effects

The moisture of rosemary flowers was used as remedy for all kinds of scalp/skin problems and was used in analgesic salves. People used to believe that bouquets of fragrant flowers (such as rosemary) protected against diseases and epidemics. People burned rosemary to purify the air and put flowers into the linen cupboard to dispel moths. It has a beneficial effect on digestion and a bloated feeling, neuralgia and stimulates blood circulation as it dilates the tissues. The oil has a comforting effect on elderly people. In aroma therapy it is mainly used for skin problems such as acne, dandruff, dermatitis, scabies, hair loss, fat hair, louses. It also has a beneficial effect on constipation, arteriosclerosis, low blood pressure, flu, intestinal infections, cold, dizziness, tiredness, rheumatoid arthritis, stress, lumbago and cold hand/feet.

Psychological/emotional effect

Rosemary purifies body and mind and stimulates a positive atmosphere. It has a refreshing and stimulating effect on tired and apathetic people.

Rosemary in aroma diffuser

From way back people put fresh rosemary branches in a room to refresh the air. Boiled leaves generate an antiseptic means for your bathroom. Rosemary in your aroma vaporizer or air humidifier will create a refreshing, stimulating atmosphere in your office: it strengthens the mental process and ability to concentrate. Vaporize rosemary if you feel tired, listless or gloomy.


Odor Rosemary
Aromatic oil
volume 30 ml
Suitable for aroma evaporators
Suitable for humidifiers


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