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Aromatic oil Lavender


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Lavender for a relaxed atmosphere

Lavender originally comes from the Mediterranean Sea area. It is an evergreen woody bush (max. 1 mtr) with blooming violet flowers. Nowadays you can also find this plant in Australia and Tasmania. There are many types of lavender. The oil is obtained by means of vapour distillation of the fresh flowers or the entire plant, under pressure. The oil is colourless and has a bloomy, spicy fragrance with a touch of wood.


The Persians, Greeks and Romans already knew the many applications of lavender. Doctors R.M. Gattefossé and Jean Valnet described the properties of lavender oil at the beginning of last century. Gattefosse had experienced the salutary effect himself as he burnt his hand and immersed it in lavender oil.

Specific applications

Insect bites: Apply lavender oil to the spot. In case of a bee/wasp sting first remove the sting.
Insomnia:  8-10 drops in the aromadiffuser in the bedroom.

Use and effect

Lavender oil has an alleviating, soothing, disinfecting, antibacterial and relieving effect and is therefore an excellent remedy for the treatment of all kinds of injuries. Lavender is also used in aroma therapy. For skin problems such as abscesses, acne, allergies, bruises, burns, dermatitis, eczema, dandruff, sunburn, ulcers, athlete’s foot etc. but also for muscular pain, rheumatism, inflammations, infection of the mucous, stomach cramp, sickness, bladder infection, high blood pressure, migraine, insomnia, shock, headache, tired feet, chilblained hands and feet, earache, flue and respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, bad breath and cold.

Psychological/emotional effect

Lavender oil has a salutary and purifying effect: it stimulates love and tenderness and protects against negative moods. It stimulates thinking, contributes to a clear view to problems and relaxes in case of nervousness. The oil creates a good feeling. It reduces depressive complaints and creates

Lavender oil in aroma diffuser

If you add lavender oil to the aroma diffuser it will purify the air in your house or in the office and create atmosphere. It dispels negative energies. In this way lavender also creates an energy boost. Lavender is, thanks to its relaxing effect, the perfect fragrance for your bedroom. The fragrance stimulates a deeper sleep and research has shown that people have better dreams in a room filled with a pleasant atmosphere.



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