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Aromatic fragrance

Fragrance memories

Odor Memories
Aromatic oil
Suitable for aroma evaporators
Suitable for humidifiers
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Memories Aromatic fragrance

Memories is a light, friendly fragrance with a positive influence on your spirit. It’s a versatile fragrance: light without being naive, fresh and sexy in a subtle way at the same time. For this reason Memories will appeal to both young and old.

Pleasant introduction to Memories

The top notes of this aromatic oil reveal the pleasant freshness of water melon, mandarin, pink passion fruit, green leaves, water hyacinth and marigold. Memories will quickly change your room into an oasis of fresh scents.

Lasting memories with Memories

By using Memories during a special occasion, such as a wedding, or in a special period, for example your summer holiday, you can lend your memory a helping hand. After all, fragrances stimulate your memory. A fragrance can bring up a certain memory, even after many years. By using Memories you will keep your most wonderful memories with you for a lifetime!

The heart of Memories

Heart notes form the heart of a fragrance; the part of a fragrance that remains once the first brief top notes have disappeared. In the aromatic oil named Memories you will smell amongst others tuberose, a night hyacinth which only blooms at night. The scent of the tuberose is often used as heart note in fragrances. Besides the tuberose this aromatic oil also contains charming lily and wild rose notes.

Long-lasting effect

Memories is a layered scent. Once the heart- and top notes have disappeared the fragrance fills the room with her warm basic notes. Memories unites the notes of caramel, powdery vanilla, crème brûlée, patchouli and forests.

Aroma vaporizers for any interior

Memories can easily be spread by means of our aroma vaporizers. Progenion offers various models which will fit any interior.


Aromatic oils are mixed with water, in contrast with ethereal oils. For this reason, the scent will be spread better and the aroma vaporizer will not be affected.


Odor Memories
Aromatic oil
Suitable for aroma evaporators
Suitable for humidifiers


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