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PR-368R Electrostatic Air purifier

PR-368R up to 50m²

Model PR-368R
Suitable for up to 50 m²
Ion emission > 3.000,000 cm³
Dimensions 690x180x250 mm
Power connection AC220 V
Power 12 W
Including remote control
Electrostatic filter
No filters to replace
2 Year warranty
Ozone 0.038 PPM
EAN Code: 7432033021081
Weight 2000 g
incl. 21% tax
Sold out temporarily

The PR-368R ionic air purifier

Would you like to realize a clean environment? The PR-368R air purifier/ionisator will be the perfect solution for you. This energy-saving and soundless device purifies your air and removes allergens and unpleasant odors. The remote control will allow you to reduce asthma, particulate matters, pet odors and hay fever complaints even easier. The PR-368R is suitable for a surface of max. 50m² (125m³). Fill your lungs (and those of your partner, children and visitors) with pure air!

“My allergy complaints (COPD and particulate matter) have been reduced considerably and we notice our living room smelling much fresher than before. It is however important to clean it once a week, as it contains much dirt after one week, caused by our dog. In short: We are very satisfied with this device.”

Cor and Marcelle from Braamt (The Netherlands)

Save energy: Only 12 Watt consumption

The PR-368R is an energy-saving and soundless (without ventilator) ionic air purifier suitable for max. 50M² (125m³). The PR-368 has 3 modes (low/middle/high), is energy-saving (only 12 Watt) and user-friendly thanks to the supplied remote control.

Soundless: Without ventilator

Airflow is created by means of high voltage on the electrostatic filter. This technique makes a ventilator superfluous; the PR-368R purifies completely soundless. The ionisator creates negative ions which contribute to a more pleasant and pure climate.

You don’t have to replace any filters: Save costs!

The PR-368R is fitted with an electrostatic, stainless steel filter which can easily be cleaned. You must clean this filter once a week by means of a damp cloth. The filter doesn’t have to be replaced and can be recycled continuously. It will save you a lot of costs. Besides, the PR-368R is fitted with a cleaning indicator, indicating when you have to clean the filter.

Schoonmaken van de luchtreiniger PR-368R

Reducing allergies such as hay fever

Thanks to the advanced ionization technique in combination with the electrostatic blades you can clean the air in a very effective way, avoiding respiratory complaints and allergic reactions. Thanks to the electrostatic filter and the negative ion technology the PR-368R doesn’t only filter allergens, such as mite, but also various pollen, bacteriums and other micro-organisms from the air. The PR-368R is very effective in fighting hay fever and allergies. Complaints like irritated eyes and tiredness are reduced considerably. You will definitely come to rest and will have a higher ability to concentrate.

Neutralizing dog- and cat odor

The powerful ionization process of the PR-368 also neutralizes dog/cat odors. You can place the air purifier for example in your lobby, living room, office, practice or bedroom and will already notice the difference within a couple of hours. Your pet won’t be hindered by the air purification process as it doesn’t make any noise.

Smell of smoke is history

You will probably recognize it: that nasty smell of smoke in a smoking-area. It might be very unpleasant, especially for your guests. Smell of smoke is history, when using the PR-368R. It filters smell of smoke silently within a couple of minutes and makes sure your room remains clean and fresh. You won’t be hindered by nasty odors anymore.

The advantages of the PR-368R:

  • 3 modes: low 15m² / middle 30m² / High 50m²
  • Soundless
  • Cleaning indicator
  • Inclusive of remote control. (range, max. 5 meter)
  • Filter can easily be cleaned
  • No replacement filters required
  • Energy-saving 12watt

Effective air purification for:

  • Reduction of the amount of dust particles
  • Reduction of odors such as pets or smell of smoke.
  • Decrease of number of microorganisms such as bacteriums and moulds.
  • Decrease of mite ( reduction within 2-8 weeks).
  • Reduction of number of allergens indoor

Applicable in various rooms such as:

  • Living room
  • Animal shelter
  • Bedroom
  • Surgery
  • Office
  • Smoking-areas
  • Lobby
  • Meeting ha
  • Not suitable for nurseries

As from 2009 we have registered over 250 reviews. You can read them through this link

Josette Polman, 1st January 2014 at 11:42 am
We have used this air purifier for three weeks now and I really feel my allergies are reduced. We decided to keep it and truly recommend it.

K.Eefting 20th December 2013 at 7:21 pm
Since 5 months we have a cute kitten. I don’t have a cat allergy, but are familiar with asthmatic problems. During the last couple of months I have had many respiratory problems. I began to worry if it had anything to do with our kitten. Through Internet and reviews we learnt about Progenion. I accepted the possibility to test the air purifier during 4 weeks. Although the air purifier didn’t have sufficient capacity for our living room, I really felt a difference. I am very satisfied and decided to buy 2 air purifiers, offering sufficient capacity. Fortunately we can keep our kitten; my respiratory problems have been reduced.

Didier 15th December 2013 at 7:47 pm
I purchased it as my daughter suffers from all kinds of allergies, itch and asthma. I must honestly admit the allergies, asthma and itch have been reduced considerably. We will purchase a second air purifier. I truly recommend it. This device extract dirty substances from the air and creates a pure, fresh air. Unfortunately there isn’t one big device for our entire house!

Kind regards Didier


Model PR-368R
Suitable for up to 50 m²
Ion emission > 3.000,000 cm³
Dimensions 690x180x250 mm
Power connection AC220 V
Power 12 W
Including remote control
Electrostatic filter
No filters to replace
2 Year warranty
Ozone 0.038 PPM
EAN Code: 7432033021081
Weight 2000 g


Filter PR-368R

€ 49,95

Spare filter

incl. 21% tax
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