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HEPA- and UV-air purifier


Model PR-940UV
Suitable for up to 80m² / 200m³
Ionizer 3.000.000 cm³
CADR: Maximal: 125 (Smoke)
Remote control
Active carbon
TRUE HEPA-filter
Ozone Free
Weight 6500 g
Dimensions 176x270x700 mm
3 year warranty
EAN Code: 7432033021050
incl. 21% tax
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PR-940 air purifier HEPA- and UV-air purifier

The PR-940 is a multi-functional air purifier that operates with the most advanced technologies. This appliance purifies the air and creates a healthy living environment in which you will feel comfortable. Asthma, allergies, hay fever but also bird dust; all are reduced by the PR-940. Odors, tobacco smoke and other contaminants are cleared from the air. This air purifier has a contemporary design. Thanks to the fan with ball-bearings this appliance is more silent than any other air purifier. It is easy to control thanks to the simple digital display. You can operate this air purifier on three different settings; high, medium and low. You do not even have to get up, thanks to the remote control, to breathe in clean, fresh air.

The air that runs through the PR-940 is purified in four different ways, namely by:

The ionizer, that creates the so called ‘air vitamins’.

One of the biggest advantages of the PR-940 is the ionizer. The air purifier ionizes (= charges) the unpurified air with negatively loaded ions. These ions lack one electron and will attract dust particles to ‘restore the balance’. If you turn on the PR-940 indoors, the ionizer will reduce the amount of allergenic particles and will transform these into purified, ionized air. This is ideal when you live next to a busy road or work on an industrial area. However, the PR-940 and its ionization-technology are also a solution in a green environment as the purified air reduces asthma, hay fever, allergies and problems caused by bird dust.

The active carbon filter that removes odor.

Due to the fact that the Progenion PR-940 has an active carbon filter, it is able to purify rooms with cigarette smoke. The carbon filter eliminates odor and purifies the air of tobacco smoke. For example, if you turn on the air purifier at night in a closed space, that space will be smoke free and fresh in the morning. If you choose to leave the air purifier on continuously, the armful tobacco smoke will be filtered directly and the air will stay pleasant. The active carbon filter must be replaced when it is full. Progenion has large amounts of active carbon filters on stock, so we can offer you these at a competitive price.

The UV-C-lamp that purifies even the smallest dust particles

The PR-940 has a UV-C-lamp that neutralizes all microscopically small particles that enter the purifier. This lamp clears the air of harmful bacteria, viruses, micro-organisms and small particulate matter.


The HEPA-filter, that takes care of the fine filtering. Last but not least, the PR-940 is equipped with a HEPA-filter, which is the same kind of filter as in modern vacuum cleaners. This filter also contributes to the most important goal: that you can breathe in clean, purified air in your close surroundings. The digital display indicates when the filter needs replacement.

The filtering process of the PR-940UV

1. Pre-filter
2. HEPA-filter
3. Active carbon filter
4. UV-C filter
5. Ionizer

Filtersysteem PR-940UV 

“We, as a school, moved to a temporary emergency building. These are containers with lots of plastic upholstery. There were complaints from teachers who weren’t feeling very well. We contacted health services for measurements and advice. The main cause appeared to be polluted fans and ventilation shafts.
After cleaning everything and been given instructions on how to ventilate properly, the problem still wasn’t solved for 2 teachers. I got the idea to purify the air with the help of an air purifier/ionizer.
I ordered one on trial and requested to try a heavier type of air purifier, because it concerns a lot of people (children) in a classroom. I was able to try the PR-940UV. The living climate in the classroom where the PR-940UV was tested immediately improved. I therefore recommend trying an air purifier first before buying, which is what I am going to do with this one. Furthermore, I found it very pleasant that after consultation over the phone, it was no problem to try a heavier model. This is good service by Progenion; thank you for that and continue this way.”

Aad Paap
(Montessori school Waalsdorp, The Hague)

Where can you use the PR-940?
  • Living room
  • Smoking rooms
  • Bird cages
  • Day care center
  • Beauty salon
  • Nail studio
  • Gym
  • For people with asthma
  • Classroom

Air purification:
  • Pollen and dust mites
  • Bacteria, viruses, fungi
  • Volatile organic gasses
  • Tobacco smoke, absorbs smoke
  • Bird dust, particulate matter

Technical information:
  • Ozone free
  • Quadruple purification
  • Low energy use (maximum of 60W)
  • Works in spaces up to 80m²
  • Three ventilation settings (high-medium-low)
  • HEPA-filter replacement indicator
  • Remote control (without batteries)
  • Timer


Model PR-940UV
Suitable for up to 80m² / 200m³
Ionizer 3.000.000 cm³
CADR: Maximal: 125 (Smoke)
Remote control
Active carbon
TRUE HEPA-filter
Ozone Free
Weight 6500 g
Dimensions 176x270x700 mm
3 year warranty
EAN Code: 7432033021050


UV-C PR-940

€ 12,95

UV Lamp PR-940

incl. 21% tax
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