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Car air ionizer

PR-101 up to 5M²

Model PR-101
Ionisator 3.000.000 cm³
1 years warranty
incl. 21% tax
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PR-101 air purifier with ionizer for your car

The air in your car contains four times as many polluting substances than on average in a busy city. All the more reason to keep the climate in your car, company car or camper clean and healthy with a PR-101 car air purifier with ionizer. Definitely not an unnecessary luxury when you are stuck in traffic for a long time and on a regularly basis!

Do not become a sleeping driver!

A lot of campaigns are held to create awareness among drivers that drowsiness and drivers fatigue are very dangerous in traffic. One tip is to keep your car cool. A warm climate and cigarette smoke can create drowsiness. Thanks to ionization, the PR-101 ionizer helps keep you awake during long trips. Positive ions from for example cigarette smoke are transformed by the PR-101 into negative ions, which keep the air in your vehicle fresh and healthy. Furthermore, oxygen ions are only biologically active when these are negatively charged. Ionization therefore creates more usable oxygen in the air. This way you will stay concentrated and alert. This is also beneficial for other occupants in the car such as family, friends or colleagues.

Terminating particulate matter especially important on the road

Not only are cigarette smoke and animal odor neutralized by the PR-101 ionization techniques, also bacteria and particulate matter are destroyed. Despite of European standards, there is still a lot of particulate matter in the air in the Netherlands, especially in large cities and near busy roads. An ionizer in your car is therefore very efficient. The fine particulate matter which are floating around in the air, are in fact very damaging for your health because they penetrate deep into the lungs. In the Netherlands alone, thousands of people die on a yearly basis several days to months after a short exposure to particulate matter. Also long term exposure to particulate matter is damaging. These effects often result in a reduced lung function and chronic respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, asthma and lung emphysema.
Thanks to the ionization technique of the Progenion PR-101 car air purifier, negative ions attach themselves to particulate matter, bacteria, viruses, pollen and fungi which make them heavy and float to the ground. This makes it easy to clean them with a vacuum cleaner or mob.

Easy to install

This special car air purifier is easy to connect to a 12 Volt connection point for cigarettes.

PR-101 air purifier with ionizer can be used in:
• Passenger car
• Company car
• Van
• Camper
• Truck

It removes:
• Bacteria
• Particulate matter
• Animal odor
• Cigarette smoke


Model PR-101
Ionisator 3.000.000 cm³
1 years warranty


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